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Sadie Chandler - Melbourne - painting, drawing and installation.    

Sadie Chandler, The Sawing in Half Trick, 2024, oil on board

Sadie Chandler, Lady in Compartments, 2023, oil on board

Sadie Chandler, Accounts and Ledgers, 2024, acrylic on cardboard

My wallpapers, paintings and objects are based on what I see around me; cities, factories, cars, houses, things in the media and in museums, pin-up girls, portraiture and landscape images. I use a heavy line and flat areas of colour and there’s no attempt at realism. It’s often described as cartoon-like. I tend to draw in a graphic way, without realistic shading or perspective.

Using old-school materials rather than new technologies, I prefer the solitary studio life to running around to printing labs or getting other people involved. My work is hand-made in the age of digital reproduction.

The Weight of Images, 2017, ink marker on paper, (wall paper installation detail)

At the Computer, 1999, oil on canvas, 120 x 180 cm

I’m interested in how images work, how we see them through the inescapable trap of art history. Iconic works of art in museums are already known before we see them in the flesh, so we’re always stuck with embedded memories of them.

As an artist, it’s impossible for me to forget all the images that have come before the ones that I make. I’m aware of being trapped but also propelled by these images and histories.